Speed testing our snubnose board

Well it was inevitably time to test out the speed on our pocket rocket 200 watt snubnose electric skateboard. We're happy to report that after maxing it out and simultaneously holding the remote whilst filming the phone with the gopro, Jeff is still in one piece ;)

The end result was a top speed of 36.90kms/hr or 22.90mph (Jeff weighs 82kgs/180lbs) which goes to show that you don't need any more power in a motor when all the mechanical components are high quality and all optimized to work perfectly in unison. The bonus is that you can ride our boards on public footpaths (check with your local authorities first) which could become an issue with 250-800 watt boards as the sport becomes more popular.

Interestingly we tested quite a few electric skateboard motors whilst trying to determine the ideal wattage to use for our boards and what we found was that quite a few of them actually rated quite a bit under what they were labelled as. Without naming names one of the leading brand's 500 watt motors only rated at 220 watts so beware when buying just based wattage. We should mention that we don't believe that it's the electric skateboard brands that are misleading the public with incorrectly labelled motors, rather that it's the chinese suppliers they are purchasing their boards from that are either incorrectly labeling them or not testing them (not sure why, maybe they think their customers want bigger, or bigger is better - which is not true!!)

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