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Not sure about making the leap? No problem! Come demo an electric skateboard or an electric BMX at Evolve for free and feel the rush for yourself. Our team of experienced instructors will give you a step-by-step rundown of each products, making this a unique chance to try before you buy - riding an e-skate or an e-BMX is easier than you think. So, don't just dream about it, do it! 

Evolve HQ Address:

1/15 John Duncan Court,
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

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Where can I try out an electric skateboard?

You can try an electric skateboard at Evolve Skateboards Australia. Some retailers may offer demo rides on their premises or allow you to test out a board for a certain period of time before purchasing. It's always best to call ahead and confirm the availability of demo rides.

Can a beginner ride an electric skateboard?

Absolutely! A beginner can ride an electric skateboard as it's easier to ride compared to traditional skateboards because you don't need to kickpush. It's recommended that beginners start with a low-speed setting and gradually increase the speed as they gain confidence and improve their skills. It's also important for beginners to wear protective gear, such as a helmet and pads.

How long does it take to get used to an electric skateboard?

Getting comfortable on an electric skateboard is a personal journey and varies from person to person. Some might feel confident cruising around on their new board after just a few minutes, while others might need a bit more time to get the hang of things. No worries, though - taking it slow and starting at a lower speed can help build your confidence and improve your skills. With a bit of practice, most people find that they're able to ride like a pro in a matter of hours. So, just keep at it and enjoy the ride!

What should I look for when choosing an electric BMX bike?

When choosing an electric BMX bike, consider the bike’s weight, motor power, and battery range. A lighter bike might be easier to handle, especially for tricks and jumps. Also, think about where you’ll be riding—some bikes are better suited for flat, urban areas while others might perform better on rough, off-road terrain. Lastly, ensure the frame fits your height and reach for comfortable riding.

What are the benefits of an electric BMX bike compared to a traditional BMX?

Electric BMX bikes blend the agility and fun of traditional BMX cycling with the added benefit of electric power. This means you can enjoy longer rides without getting as tired, and you can tackle hills and rough terrain more easily. They’re perfect for riders who want the thrill of BMX with a little extra push to go further and faster.


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