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World-class electric skateboarding in Sydney

Electric skateboards are taking the world by storm and Sydney is no exception. What’s not to love about hitting the pavement and feeling that rush of adrenalin without needing to be a pro? 

Skateboard Shop Sydney


Evolve Skateboards combine the thrill of getting outdoors with the practicality of a lightweight, easy-to-use mode of transport in the middle of the city. The wireless Bluetooth remote make it easy to control your speed and direction around other pedestrians, while the compact and lightweight size is perfect for last-mile travel, without taking up valuable real estate on the bus or train.

But electric skateboards aren’t just about the practicality. They’re about the way you feel when you hit the pavement and experience the freedom of breaking away from everyday life. Sydney is one of the most visually stunning cities around Australia and the tracks and gardens around Sydney Harbour are the perfect location for a mid-week escape. Then, when it’s time to get a little further out and enjoy the weekend, soak up the sun and carve trails along the coast at popular beaches such as Bondi or Manly. No matter whether you’re heading to work, meeting friends, or looking for a new way to get outdoors, an electric skateboard could be your next best thing.


Get rolling quickly with intuitive technology

There’s more to an electric skateboard than just watching the road fly beneath you. All of our boards are pimped out with a wireless Bluetooth remote for controls and the ability to climb inclines of up to 30 per cent gradient. And, most importantly, fast charging so you can get back on the road sooner rather than later.

We also personalise our boards to give you the choice of traditional options through to modern designs handcrafted for your enjoyment. Sightseers will love the capacity to travel up to 50km on a single charge as they take in the landscape around them. Thrill-seekers might opt for designs where they can hit the road at up to 42km/h. While adventurers will appreciate the All-Terrain conversion kit that allows them to go from travelling on flat bitumen to dirt tracks and short grass in less than 10 minutes.

Whatever your drive, the different configurations and electric skateboarding features available can be tailored to suit your needs.

Electric skateboards for sale in Sydney

Electric skateboards are the perfect alternative travel option whether you get out regularly or haven’t hit the pavement in a while. The control system is easy to learn and can be mastered in minutes. Meaning that whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you’ll be able to hit the road in no time.

You can also rest assured that no compromise has been made when it comes to strength, durability, or the quality of your ride. Our electric skateboard shop in Sydney is home to our modern bamboo and carbon fibre models, deigned to get you a smoother ride and greater durability. Which means you can get out for longer, more often.



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