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GTR Electric Skateboards

The Evolve GTR has always been the epitome of sophisticated electric skateboard design, and Series 2 sets an even higher standard for invigorating personal transportation.


• Representing value for money, the GTR Series has cemented its place as a trusty all-rounder for riders worldwide, and Series 2 sets an even higher standard for invigorating green transportation.

• Ideal for most skill levels from beginners to those who enjoy riding regularly.

• Made it up the world's steepest street.

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 379 reviews
Up to 38km/h • 30km range

Great beginner board
Flexi deck
Performance meets value

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Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 163 reviews
Up to 44km/h • 50km range

Ultimate versatility
Flexi deck
Performance meets value

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Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 112 reviews
Up to 44km/h • 50km range

Surfy, carvy feel
Flexi deck
Performance meets value

SAVE $200.00!
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 272 reviews
Up to 38km/h • 30km range

Great beginner board
Great for tall/heavy riders
Performance meets value

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 61 reviews
Up to 44km/h • 50km range

Stable at high speed
Long range
Performance meets value



The Evolve GTR series has been our most popular electric skateboard for a good reason. It’s a perfect entry-level board that offers you plenty of power to grow into while still having all the versatility and beautiful sleek design Evolve is known for.

For beginners or the budget-conscious, the Evolve GTR represents excellent value for money with the option to swap between all-terrain, off-road tyres or street wheels to tackle any Aussie terrain: you can choose the GTR Carbon All Terrain, GTR Carbon 2in1 or  GTR Carbon Street, if you want a carbon deck. If you're looking for a ride closer to the traditional longboard, the GTR board with bamboo deck are your go-to boards: GTR Bamboo All Terrain, GTR Bamboo Street or GTR Bamboo 2 in 1.

Evolve GTR Top Speed

When equipped with street wheels, you have the capability to reach a maximum speed of 44 km/h, while utilizing the all-terrain setup allows you to go up to 38 km/h. It's worth noting that both the rider's weight and style, as well as the choice of gear and wheels, can influence the top speed achieved.

Evolve GTR Range

When using street wheels, the range extends up to 50 km, providing an extensive riding distance on a single charge. However, with the all-terrain wheels, the range is slightly reduced to approximately 30 km. Remember that the actual range achieved can be influenced by factors such as the rider's weight and style, as well as the specific gear and wheel setup chosen.

Models Comparison

Evolve GTR vs Hadean

Both the Evolve GTR and Hadean boards share similarities, featuring the Evolve super carve trucks for tight turns and deep carves, and offering the flexibility to set up as street or all-terrain boards with over 100 wheel and gear combinations available. They are available in bamboo and carbon fibre deck versions, offering four-speed modes, and a 1-year warranty. However, the Hadean stands out with higher specifications, with a longer range, top speed and power.

Ultimately, both boards cater to different preferences, with the Evolve GTR appealing to those seeking adaptability, and the Hadean targeting riders looking for cutting-edge performance features.

Evolve GTR vs GTR2

The Series 2 GTR offers significant improvements over the original GTR. With its updated motor controller and larger motors, the Series 2 delivers a smoother and more consistent ride without overheating issues. Additionally, it provides better acceleration with increased torque off the line, making it noticeably quicker than the GTR Series 1. However, both boards share the same top speed. The range is also similar as the more efficient operation of the bigger motors balances out the impact on the battery despite having the same battery size as the previous generation.

Evolve Stoke vs GTR

The Evolve Stoke and GTR are two distinct electric skateboards catering to different riding preferences. The Stoke is a compact and lightweight option, designed for easy maneuverability and urban commuting. Its smaller size and kicktail make it ideal for navigating crowded city streets and executing sharp turns. On the other hand, the GTR is a more powerful and versatile board, offering interchangeable wheels for street and all-terrain setups, allowing riders to tackle various terrains with ease.

Evolve GTR vs GT

The Evolve GTR Series has solidified its position as a trusted all-rounder, offering great value for money. Suitable for riders of various skill levels, from beginners to regular enthusiasts, the GTR provides a versatile and invigorating riding experience. In contrast, the GT board, no longer in production, belonged to an earlier generation, but its 2016 release introduced high-quality carbon fibre decks and a dual 1500-watt motor setup. While the GT served well in its time, the GTR now stands as the upgraded and superior choice, delivering an exhilarating and dependable electric skateboard experience for riders worldwide.

Evolve GTR vs GTX

 While the GTR Series has established itself as a trusty all-rounder for riders worldwide, the GTX also offered a reliable and versatile option during its production. The GTR Series 2 sets a higher standard for invigorating green transportation, further solidifying its reputation as a top-tier choice for riders.

GTR Carbon vs Bamboo

Bamboo or carbon? That's the classic debate! But here's the thing, there's no one-size-fits-all answer, which is why we've got two boards to choose from. If you're on the bigger and heavier side, you might notice the bamboo deck giving a bit more flex. But don't worry, for more consistent stability, we'd suggest going for the carbon board. It's all about finding the perfect fit for your weight and style, so you can have a blast cruising on your board!

Evolve GTR Carbon

If you crave a solid and stable ride with a taste for speed and thrill, then the Evolve GTR Carbon is your perfect match. Experience unparalleled control, stability, and grip, as the 100% Carbon fibre deck conceals Evolve's most sophisticated deck technology to date. With Series 2, the GTR introduces Bluetooth FOC control, granting you instant power and ultra-smooth acceleration and braking for the ultimate intuitive riding experience right at your fingertips.

Evolve GTR Bamboo

The GTR Bamboo seamlessly combines classic deck craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. It offers a perfect balance of flex and pop, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience for skaters of all levels. With its drop-through truck design, you can easily adjust the wheelbase to customise your ride and relish the low-profile feel, making it the ideal choice for those who appreciate short, sharp turns or long, deep carves. This bamboo deck exudes a classic longboard vibe, providing a softer underfoot feeling compared to its Carbon counterpart.


How to Make Evolve GTR Faster?

Consider upgrading the wheels to street wheels, as they are optimised for higher speeds and reduced rolling resistance. Also, ensure that the battery is fully charged, as a higher charge level can positively impact acceleration and top speed. Lastly, optimising your riding technique and style can also make a difference, as smooth and controlled movements can maximise the board's speed potential.

How long does the Evolve GTR battery last?

The battery life of the Evolve GTR depends on various factors. Under typical riding conditions and with street wheels, the battery can last for approximately 50 km on a single charge. However, when using the all-terrain wheels, the range may be slightly reduced to around 30 km. 

The type of riding you do also affects the battery's longevity and cycle life. Your board will manage a safe current output of the cells to perform in, so you won’t do any immediate damage by excessively hard riding, but this higher output does decrease the life of the cell. Demanding your board to be near peak performance, like doing every ride at full trigger on thick grass, will have your battery pack working extra hard and you can expect it to fatigue faster than if all your rides are more of a relaxed cruise. This is not unsafe, and we recommend you ride the board however makes you happiest but always good to keep it in mind.

The Riders Have Spoken

Best board I’ve ever had!

Awesome fun! I ride it every day. The quality is second to none and the battery life is mind blowing. On one ride I did 10 kms on it and it still had 75% battery life. Keep up the good work. I love it!

- Michael
Carbon GTR 2in1

It's Amazing!

Equal parts amazing and terrifying. Best purchase in a long time. Excellent range on it, and glad I can tone down the max speed.

- Toby K

Bamboo GTR 2in1

One of the best things I've ever bought!

If you want to feel like a kid again as you zip along on your magic-powered board, buy this.

- Mike B

Carbon GTR 2in1



Our fastest and most powerful board ever.



The pocket rocket, Our lightest board.



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