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Electric skateboards - the best way to explore the Gold Coast

 Electric Skateboard Shop Gold Coast

Get ready to carve up the pavement and experience the coast like you’ve never seen it before. The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s best playgrounds and is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the country. So why waste that beautiful scenery by staying indoors or exploring from the car?

The great GC is a skaters’ dream. Ditch the car and carve up the more than 2,400 kilometres of bikeways and paths just waiting to be dominated. Hitting the pavement on an electric skateboard will let you cover more ground while also experiencing the rush of adrenaline that can only be satisfied by a need for speed.

Ride an Electric Skateboard on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of our personal favourite spots to snake your way along the coast. Even when the waves don’t show, you’ll still be able to get that unforgettable feeling of adrenaline when you break away and hit the open air with a bit of speed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re skating on your way to work, to meet friends, or just to get outside. From Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach, Southport and more, the great outdoors is calling. With an off-road electric skateboard, there's no terrain that you can't tame.

Plus, some of our designs – including our 8kg board – are light enough to pop under your arm when you want to enjoy some lunch, grab a drink with friends, or head off for a shopping session. They’re the sidekick you wish you’d always had.



Hit the pavement or get off the beaten track

If beaches aren’t your thing, then the wild and lush Gold Coast hinterland might just tempt you. Take your electric skateboard off-road, go bush, or get off the beaten track with some of the best hiking trails and landscape Australia has to offer.

Our All-Terrain modification kits will let you transition easily to off-road mode and explore the road less travelled. Perfect for carving up dirt tracks, low-lying grassland, and climbing those steep hills for a killer view.

Riding an Electric Skateboard on the Gold Coast

Electric skateboards for sale on the Gold Coast, for the Gold Coast

If that hasn’t convinced you, then the fact that our electric skateboards were made on the Gold Coast, for the Gold Coast, will. The Gold Coast is a city that celebrates being outdoors and there are so many unique and amazing spaces to explore. Our electric skateboards were born from a desire to find that link between surfing, snowboarding, and carving on land. No matter the surf, we wanted a way to get the best ride with the best equipment, any time of the year.

Our electric skateboards are easy to learn, easy to manoeuvre, and quick to master, which makes them perfect for locals and tourists alike. The double kingpin trucks will make response during movement ultra-sleek while giving you a super-smooth carving ability.

But, most importantly, you’ll get the natural high that only comes from carving up the pavement at speeds of up to 40km/h as you cover everything the Gold Coast has to offer, without the need for a car or another vehicle. And, if you’re one of those people who likes to try before you buy, book in for a demo at our Gold Coast showroom for the best ride you can get in 30 minutes.



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