Carpark Madness 3

Electric longboarding is seriously fun! Like snowboarding and surfing, searching for the perfect conditions and locations will never end. This was filmed late at night with nobody in sight....apart from the security guards hahah. The board used in the video is the Evolve Electric Pintail with Abec 11 Flywheels 76mm 75a and ceramic bearings - a serious weapon of fun an awesomeness.

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Testing out the Metro Express slide wheels, electric skateboarding style

Just a bit of the fun had while testing out the Metro Express slide wheels on our electric pintail. And for viewers in Germany (without music): 

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Top Shelf wheel customization

We are proud to announce we are now supplying Abec 11 Fly Wheels in 83mm & 76mm sizes on our website.  We also have opportunities to further customize our boards with Top Shelf brands such as Sector 9, Metro express and Bustin Swift as we have a special interchangeable drive gear that can be used on these wheels.  So very soon we are hoping to have all these top shelf...

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Speed testing our snubnose board

Well it was inevitably time to test out the speed on our pocket rocket 200 watt snubnose electric skateboard. We're happy to report that after maxing it out and simultaneously holding the remote whilst filming the phone with the gopro, Jeff is still in one piece ;) The end result was a top speed of 36.90kms/hr or 22.90mph (Jeff weighs 82kgs/180lbs) which goes to show that you don't need any more...

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Customize your board with Abec 11 wheels.

One of the rad things about this board design is that it can also be used with Abec 11 fly wheels. These wheels are considered some of the best available in the world of longboarding and are made in the USA. Abec 11 sizes 76mm & 83mm are both suitable (as well as the E83 Evolve wheel of course:) Update: for more information on how this works view our More...

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