R-2 Bluetooth | Trigger Reset Procedure

R-2 Bluetooth | Trigger Reset Procedure

This video is to allow the rider to reset the trigger settings on the Bluetooth R-2 remote. If ever the triggers move out of position, the remote will either look as though its paired to the board but will not respond when trying to use, or it may not allow for speed mode buttons to work. Don't stress this is very easy to fix, simply follow the video and reset the magnet values on the trigger.

Each remote is set at our Evolve factory before you receive it the same way as the video, so now you can do this if ever there is a need to...... Make sure to follow the video exactly as is and be sure to press both triggers all the way in as per the video to ensure the remote is set up correctly. If you need assistance please get in touch with your local distributor.


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