How To Convert Between All-Terrain & Street

How To Convert Between All-Terrain & Street

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Evolve boards is their incredible versatility when it comes to running different kind of wheels. You can run your board in either with skateboard street wheels or an All-Terrain tyres and then choose exactly the wheel sizes, colours and gearing options from there. The conversion process is fairly simple but it is important to get it right - below you can find video guide for converting your boards with our conversion kits.

Tools required:

Step-by-step on how to change the wheels on your electric skateboard

  1. Start by setting up the bearings into your wheels and drive gears. You should have eight bearings for your wheels and two center bearings for your drive gears in your kit. Push the bearings into place by hand, and ensure that they are secure. If the drive gear bearings are too tight, you can snap them into place or seek guidance on how to do it correctly.

  2. Set up the board on its end while it's still on the all-terrain tires. Undo the wheel at the front using a Y-tool with a medium-size socket. Turn the wheel nut in an anti-clockwise direction, or lefty loose-y, righty tighty. Remove the wheel nut and the wheel, and put it under the board to prevent it from rocking back onto you. Move to the rear of the board, and do the same thing with the other wheel.

  3. Remove the belt cover by getting an Allen key out of your Y-tool. Push it down into the bolts and turn it anti-clockwise. Once you've removed the belt cover, you can move the drive gear and the belt. Rotate the drive gear as you pull it up.

  4. Loosen the four motor bolts so that you can move the motor freely to adjust your belt tension. This is an essential step in the conversion process to ensure that your tensions are set correctly. Once the bolts are undone, make sure the motor moves freely.

  5. Grab the drive gear and belt and put it on. Make sure that the drive gear bearing is in place. If you had trouble putting it on before, you should slide it down into its place. Push down and wriggle on the drive gear itself, and that'll push the bearing into place. Make sure it spins freely, and you'll know that everything's in the right spot.

  6. Put your belt on and slide it down over the gear. Push the motor cog towards the gear, so the belt will slide down. Once it's in place, put one of your wheels on. The reason we do this is to make sure that the drive gear sits upright for when we do our belt tension.

  7. Check the belt tension. To do this, use your thumb on the lower side of the motor and your finger on the top of the motor plate to pull it. You shouldn't need much more force than you can exert between those two fingers. You want to make sure there's a little bit of play in the belt. We look for five to 10 mil.

  8. Do up the two side bolts, then check the belt tension again before removing your wheel and doing up the other two bolts. Make sure all four bolts are tight, and then you can put your belt cover on.

  9. Use the supplied bolts from your bolt kit to push them down into the slot. Move them in a clockwise direction to do them up. This kit should come with some speed rings. These may be required to go between the drive gear and the wheel itself, just to make sure that you can't over-tension the bearings.

  10. Put one speed ring on, put your wheel on, then put another speed ring on and do it up. Check to make sure that the wheel spins freely. Repeat this step for the other wheel.

  11. Flip the board over, and place a wheel under the deck to make sure that the deck doesn't fall over.


All-Terrain to Street Conversion Procedure

GTR Street to All-Terrain Conversion Procedure

You're now ready to hit some tough terrain with your all-terrain electric skateboard or some smooth as butter roads with street wheels. Just remember to take it slow and steady until you get used to the new setup. Have fun out there! 🤘


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