Mental Health & Evolve Skateboards

Mental Health & Evolve Skateboards

I've been riding electric skateboards now for about 12 years. And in those 12 years, nothing has changed. I still, to this day get on the board, I get to focus on the moment. I think if anyone's in a bad place or they're having a hard time in their life, having a mental mind state of trying to overcome that, of just getting outside and doing something different. It could be anything, getting on a bike, doing some exercise and trying to find a passion and trying to find something new.

I really believe that electric skateboarding is a fantastic thing. So if anyone's thinking about it, don't hesitate. There's plenty of information online. There are so many community groups, just get on there and try it out.

I made the Evolve boards purely out of passion and that's it. And when I hear someone telling me that the board has changed their life, when you hear a really personal story of the effect it has on their lives and how it's changed things, that certainly touches me big time. I just love hearing stories like that. And to think an electric skateboard can be a tool to take you to another place and help you mentally is phenomenal really, it's amazing.

"Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit flat or I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed from a massive day, I will jump on my skateboard. Even just riding around the street is perfect. I spend a lot of time on my phone and I have to for my work and a lot of time on social media, and sometimes it's really good to be able to get away from that and just have a break and reset and really bring your mind back to where you are and the skateboard is the perfect way to do it."

tayla harris evolve

Tayla Harris

"I've been involved in action sports pretty much my whole life, and whether it's motocross or water sports or electric skateboarding, it's always the same reason people do it. And it's a pursuit of happiness. It's about living the dream and chasing that feeling. And that's what all these people, millions around the world, are doing. And if you haven't experienced it, I definitely would recommend giving it a crack because it's something that I just couldn't live without."

matty evolve skateboards

Matty Rogers

"Another unfortunate hurdle for me, it was just over 18 months ago now, my second bout of cancer came back. This time around, I found great therapy in a couple of things, and one of them is stillness. But, most importantly, what's really helped me and what's been a big part of my therapy, is mindfulness. You've sort of got to block out about the gas bill and the mortgage payment and all those things. And you've got to concentrate on where are you going to turn next and how your body is moving through the board. And if you're not someone who understands the practice of meditation, a simple thing like jumping on the board and going for a cruise just pushes everything else out of your head. And without trying, you are in a mindfulness situation or a meditative state.

I guess it's difficult, especially for blokes my age, to understand a sense of freedom you get from just jumping on that board and be able to pull the trigger and guide yourself through an adventure. Until you do it you're not going to understand it, but I really recommend it."

barry evolve

Barry Du Bois


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