Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

We might be biased, but the team at Evolve believes there’s no better way to get around than on an electric skateboard. Riding one of our boards offers unparalleled speed and fun, making them an obvious choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 


However, many customers are keen to better understand the regulations that govern this mode of transport before they jump on board, with ‘are electric skateboards legal in Australia’ is one of the most commonly searched questions online.

A straightforward answer to this question is: depends on the location where you’re riding (for example, the footpath or the road), and the relative speed and power of your board. In Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania, it’s legal to use an electric skateboard or any other Personal Mobility Device (PMD), including e-scooters, and electric unicycles on roads and paths.

However, each of these jurisdictions may have specific rules that dictate the speed you can travel and the types of roads that you can legally drive on. In QLD, for example, Personal Mobility Device regulations state that you are only able to ride your electric skateboard on bike lanes on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h (or less), any bike lane that is physically separated from other lanes of traffic, and local streets with a speed limit of 50km/h and no dividing line. In all of these circumstances, you can only travel at a maximum speed of 25km/h/. 

It is well worth checking the specific regulations that govern each jurisdiction before carving up the streets. Not only are these laws there to protect all travellers, but failure to adhere to them could result in a hefty fine.

 In other states and territories, electric skateboards are only allowed on private properties and can't be used on the road or any road-related areas, which includes footpaths, shared paths and public areas. 

The inconsistency (and confusion!) on the legislation across the states and territories is because they can adapt the Australian Road Rules (ARR) to their own needs and specificities. The ARR serves only as a guideline for states and territories road rules across Australia. 

However, in the last few years, we have seen some progress in the discussion about PMD. In 2019, Ministers agreed to recognise Personal Mobility Devices in the Australian Road Rules. More recently, the Electric Riders Australia with Councillor Brendon Zhu from Willoughby City Council started a petition to reinforce the support and need for regulation. As a result of their advocacy, suggested legislative changes were presented to ministers that resulted in the Australian Road Rules being formally amended to include Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) for the very first time in history. 

However, that does not mean that electric skateboards are legal to ride anywhere in Australia. While the legislative amendments are a step in the right direction, further changes still need to be made to ensure that all commuters, regardless of their chosen form of transport, can legally and safely take to the streets.

With the popularisation of electric skateboards for commuting, policymakers need to keep up with technology and vehicles' progression. "The technology is changing so quickly that law authorities need to create future-proof legislation. You design laws now, and you get it wrong, in five years you're going to have to redo them. The e-mobility is now part of our life, and its regulation needs to be adapted to it", says Jeff Anning, the founder of Evolve Skateboards 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure whether you can legally and safely shred up your local streets? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding electric skateboard laws in Australia to learn more.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

  • Depends, as the legislation varies from state to state 👇

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in QLD?

Yes, following the conditions below. Please note that these regulations were updated in November 2022.

      • Follow speed limits, which will vary depending on the type of road you are travelling (footpath, bike path, or street).
      • Obey traffic laws, including those relating to traffic lights and signs, giving way, and making turns. Failure to follow these laws may result in a fine.
      • You cannot lead an animal while riding a device.
      • You cannot ride two abreast on a footpath or bike path.
      • Wear an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet. 

    Check other rules here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in NSW?

  • No, you can use an electric skateboard only on private property. Check the regulations here

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in VIC?

  • If your electric skateboard is powered by a petrol motor, has an electric motor with a power output of greater than 200W, or has a speed greater than 10km/hr, you can’t use it on a road or any areas, including footpaths, shared paths and public areas. Check the regulations here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in SA?

  • No, you can’t ride it on roads or road-related areas such as footpaths, bike/pedestrian tracks, or vehicle parking areas. Check the regulations here

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Tasmania?

  • Yes, you can ride an electric skateboard on footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths and some roads in Tasmania. Check the regulations here. You must follow the conditions below:
    • Must wear an approved helmet.
    • Not exceed 15km/h on footpaths or 25km/h on shared paths, bicycle paths and roads.
    • You cannot take a passenger or operate the skateboard under the influence of drugs or while using a mobile phone.
    • If driving at night, your electric skateboard must have a white light visible from the front of the vehicle, a red light visible from the back and red reflector visible from the rear of the vehicle.

    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in WA?

    • Yes, you can ride an electric skateboard on footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths and some roads in WA. Check the regulations here 

    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in NT?

    • No, you can’t ride an electric skateboard on public roads or places open to the public. Check the regulations here

    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in the ACT?

    • Yes, following the conditions below:
        • Max 15km/h on a footpath.
        • Max 25km/h on a shared or bicycle path.
        • Only travel on the road ‘if there is no footpath, shared path, or nature strip next to the road or if it is impractical to travel on one of these areas.’
        • Must wear an approved helmet and a warning device (like a bell, for example).
        • You cannot use your mobile phone while riding.
        • You cannot be impaired by alcohol.
        • You cannot carry passengers.
        • You must have lights and reflectors on your device or your person when travelling at night or in hazardous conditions.
      Check out all the rules here.

    If you have any further questions about electric skateboard laws in Australia, we encourage you to speak to your state’s transport regulatory authority. Keep in mind that as electric skateboards and Personal Mobility Devices become more popular and advanced, these laws are likely to change — hopefully to allow more people to rip and shred safely on the streets!

    Check out the eSkate Chat about e-mobility👇



    This article is not to be construed as legal advice. Use common sense, and always check your local laws and ordinances to ensure you are in compliance.


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