Electric Skateboard Group Ride: more than just skating

Electric Skateboard Group Ride: more than just skating

The Evolve community is a really tight-knit community. The moment you buy your Evolve board and hop online, you will find a lot of groups on social media where riders share their passion for electric skateboard. There, riders not only chat about the technical aspects of the boards but, it is also where they share their favourite places to ride and to board customisation ideas. It feels like an instant family, with people of different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.

Many of these online communities also organise group rides. The majority of the riders join the group rides for the board, the technical specs and they stay for the community and the camaraderie, where you find people with the same love for riding electric skateboards

electric skateboard group ride Australia

Facebook Groups

Across Australia, there are many group rides, and here we list some of them: 


Facebook Group: Evolve Skateboards Owners Australia


    Facebook Group: Canberra Electric Skateboarders

    Facebook Page: Electric Skateboarding Canberra

      New South Wales

      Facebook Group: The Official Sydney Evolve Riders Group

      Facebook Group: Sydney Electric Skateboarders – ESK8 Sydney

      Facebook Group: Newcastle Electric Skateboarders – ESK8 Newcastle

      Facebook Group: Byron Bay Evolve Skateboard Riders


        Facebook Group: Brisbane & Gold Coast Electric Skateboards Riders

        Facebook Group: Evolve Riders SE QLD

          South Australia

          Facebook Group: Electric Skateboarders Adelaide – SAESK8


            Facebook Group: Melbourne Evolve Skateboards Riders

            Facebook Group: Electric Riders Melbourne

              Western Australia

              Facebook Group: Perth Electric Skateboards – Western Australia

              Facebook Group: Perth Evolve & DOT Electric Skateboarders

              Are there any group rides coming up?

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