Evolve Riders: APRIL VAUGHAN

Evolve Riders: APRIL VAUGHAN

Name: April Vaughan

Occupation: Owner of Risky.Co

Home: Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast


I have always lived a life of risk and making the most of life by getting out there and living it whether it be Camping, Fishing, drinking at the Pub, Riding Motorbikes or Skating. ​

I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with some of the world’s leading action-sport athletes getting me into situations where I can either sit back and watch or.. Live a little.

I’ve never had the talent needed to complete majority of these antics so half the time I’m at the pub drinking some courage and then I’m straight into all the “you won’t do it” situations. 

How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards: I bumped into the legends at HQ one time and was like.. ‘These are ‘SICK’ can I have a go?!’ once I had a ride I was hooked!!

Boards of choice: Carbon GT Series

What do you love about them? I’ve always skated on an ordinary board. Evolve gives me the feeling of skating/ snowboarding and surfing all in one. You can curve up the streets and even the park…. Plus, you don’t have to push your way to the pub ;)

Favourite Place to Ride: Burleigh Esplanade

Favourite Quote: Playing safe is very risky

Social Media links:

Instagram- aprilvaughan13

Facebook- @livealittlerisky


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