Where Can an Electric Skateboard Take You?

Where Can an Electric Skateboard Take You?

The exact appeal of an electric skateboard varies from person to person. But it's safe to say that to any of us that are interested in the sport, the idea of zipping along pathways and being propelled by an invisible wave is about all the convincing any of us need.

It doesn't stop there though; these sweet carving machines offer a whole other element to regular skateboards that just can't be matched. That’s the ability to take you to totally new destinations and see more of the places you travel to or even just more of where you live now.

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The flexibility offered by the power of electric skateboards means that you're not confined to only riding as far as your legs can push. So let's take a look at some of the best places your Evolve electric skateboard can take you.

What Do You Use an Electric Skateboard for?

Anything you like really! There's no right or wrong way to use your electric skateboard, and your imagination really is the only limiting factor here. For some people, electric skateboards are a sport that helps them to keep active.

You may not be physically kicking to push the board, but take it from us; there are definitely ways to use electric boards as a method of keeping fit. Check out our all terrain boards for more on that one.

For other riders, their board is just a tool for leisure. Where a relaxing cruise along a sunny promenade is the name of the game. Another great use for electric skateboards is for their quality as a commuter's tool. Sure, it's not the most exciting thing to answer "where can an electric skateboard take you" with 'to work'.

But for so many riders, this is one of the best things about their e-skate. Turning the boring humdrum of a morning commute into an adrenaline-inducing carve fest will certainly wake you up more than a coffee will.

Things Electric Skateboards Can Do That Regular Boards Can't

The obvious answer to this question is 'go faster'. Evolve electric skateboards can get up to speeds of around 50km/h, with some wheel mods even helping to reach 54km/h. That's pretty fast compared to a regular board which struggles to break the 20 km/h mark even on a downhill.

But there are other things that electric boards offer too. One of those is the ability to climb hills, and we mean really serious hills. With an electric skateboard, you won't have any issue navigating the ups and downs of your local streets or parks, whereas on a regular board, it can become a real challenge after a while. An electric skateboard will also allow you to go much further distances before needing a rest as well - our Hadean Street boards have a range of up to 65 kilometres!

Places to Learn Electric Skateboarding

Electric skateboard newbies will surely wonder where the best spot would be for learning to ride. Just like with a regular board, the very basics of learning to ride an electric skateboard can be done pretty much anywhere. We're talking about just getting to grips with standing on the board and feeling comfortable with something rolling under your feet. But pretty quickly, you'll want to let that board stretch its legs. At that point, it's time to get a bit further from home.

Empty Car Parks

The number one place we'd recommend taking your electric skateboard is to an empty car park. The main reason for this is that it's an open space with relatively few obstacles and a great chance for you to really lean the board, as well as test out the acceleration and braking of it. But the keyword here is empty. A car park goes from a brilliant training ground to a pretty dodgy one as soon as you add moving cars to the mix.

Local Parks

Electric skateboards are really in their element at your local park. The free-flowing turns and treelined scenery are a joy to carve through. They're also a nice little step up from car parks as you'll actually be going somewhere, and most are fairly flat so that you don't have to handle too many inclines at these early stages. Also, depending on the park you choose, you hopefully won't have to share the path with too many other people. This can then be a great stepping stone to busier areas like beaches and riverside paths once you're comfortable with getting through traffic.


Places to Take Your Electric Skateboard When You're Confident

This is when the world of electric skateboarding really opens up for you. Once you're comfortable with everything the board can do, it's time to get out there and really explore.

Alongside Beaches and Rivers

The pathways that run along beaches and rivers are always beautiful areas for riding. And for those living in the land girt by sea, there's no shortage of either. As previously mentioned, these pathways are often very busy, and you'll be sharing the track with bikes, rollerbladers and walkers alike. Having a solid understanding of how to weave and brake quickly will make these paths a much more enjoyable experience.

The Commute

Getting confident on an electric skateboard makes commuting a breeze and really brightens up your morning. Let your board carry you to work on the free-spirited cloud that is an electric skateboard. Taking backstreets, riding in bike lanes and having the confidence to ride in the vicinity of cars will make it much easier to get to work and move around freely. 

The Forest

That's right. Electric skateboards aren't just for carving up smooth pathways. Our all terrain boards are certified mountain carvers as well. There's a lot to be said about all terrain boarding, but the most important thing is, it's awesome! Off-road boards allow riders to really explore with their ride and take them outside the urban atmosphere and into nature. For those who want the best of both worlds, Evolve even has 2 in 1 boards that can quickly be switched from street boards to all terrain boards and then back again! Learning to ride in the forest is one of the best ways to practice your favourite hobby, without having to worry about traffic and other people.

Travelling With an Electric Skateboard

If you've ever travelled to another city you'll know the experience of trying to figure out a different public transport system, waiting for trains and buses and always having the creeping worry that you might be going to completely the wrong place. Taking your Evolve board with you on your travels is a fantastic way around this. Check out what two Evolve customers got up to on their travels here.

A Quick Note on Airlines and Electric Skateboards

Not all electric skateboard batteries are allowed on planes, and this can be a frustration for the intrepid travellers in our e-skate community. But thankfully, we offer the Evolve travel battery, which can be taken on most airlines. So you can board wherever you go! Check the airline requirements prior boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Ride My Electric Skateboard on the Foot Path or Bike Lanes?

Electric skateboards are still a relatively new phenomenon, and most councils are still figuring out what their official stance is on where these machines can be used. Certainly, there are many areas where there is a relaxed attitude towards our favourite pastime, but in others, you can find yourself in trouble if you're riding in areas that don't allow electric skateboarding on footpaths or bike lanes. We suggest always trying to find this information out before riding in new places and always obeying the laws, especially if you're travelling with your board.


Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

Most electric skateboards are not listed as being waterproof. It is definitely not recommended to be riding your electric skateboard in the wet. The reasons for this are that each board is equipped with a powerful battery, as well as motors that can't get water in them and belts that may also be prone to slipping if exposed to water. Additionally, the polyurethane wheels found on most street boards are slick and will quickly lose a substantial amount of grip when ridden on wet surfaces, leading to longer braking distances and less control for the rider. 

Can You Ride an Electric Skateboard on the Dirt?

Absolutely! This is best done by using our boards in the all terrain configuration, but even street boards can handle some compacted sand or gravel. But if you've already bought a street board and want to give some proper dirt a try, don't worry! You can purchase all the items you need to convert your street board to all terrain on our online store.

So there you have it! Electric skateboards are a way to see more of where you live and to get more out of seeing the places you visit. If you want to try out one of our boards for yourself, why not book a demo? Or get in touch with our team to find out more about what an Evolve board can do. Happy riding!



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