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Some Unknown Fundamentals Of Riding An Electric Skateboard

Some Unknown Fundamentals Of Riding An Electric Skateboard

 When starting to ride an electric skateboard, there are a million questions popping up in your mind. From the technical aspects of it to what accessories you will need to make the most of your adventures. In this article, we make things easier for you! We outlined 3 main tips that riders may forget. These tips can pretty much apply to e-boards in general. There will be some of you out there who are already very proficient and already know a bunch of these tips.


 If you are new to skateboarding and want to use an electric skateboard for fairly long commutes or wild rides, safety is probably a big question for most. The Evolve Skateboards can reach well over 40 km/h, so safety is a crucial topic to consider. 

riding an electric skateboard with mates


Helmet & Protection

Each country or region has different rules as to whether you have to wear a helmet or not. However, at the end of the day, it just makes complete sense to protect your head. At Evolve, we have heaps of cool helmet options, like the thousand helmets Australia. 

When talking about safety, we need to mention knee and elbow pads, especially if you are learning to ride. You can get hardshell pads or softer foam ones. They will save you from massive scratches when you get floored (believe us, it will happen). Also, consider including wrist guards and gloves into your list. Be sensible safe and enjoy your ride! 

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Who doesn’t love a good night skate? One big safety tip is to make sure you can be seen by others and, also, are able to see what is in front of you at night. That means lights & bright clothing. There is a huge range of simple or funky options out there, from LED strips or even glow in the dark wheels. Too many lights are never enough. Just to give you a glance of what you can do, Prism LED Light has 20 colours options that you can use in 19 modes (😱). It takes night skating to another whole level! 

Body position

Every board is different and with Evolve, in particular, you can do a lot of skateboard customisation. The big tip is to really understand your board and its set up. Know where the traction points are, how it corners, how it feels and it will make your riding experience a lot better.

To most, this sounds really basic, but it makes a world of difference, especially when you're carving. Keep your eyes up and look where you want to go. If you look at a tree, that's where you're going to end up. If you keep your eyes up and look through your turns, you're going to have a sweet carving experience.



Due to their speed and acceleration, electric skateboards can take quite a battering, especially if you ride off-road. So, when it comes to maintenance, a tip we can give you here is around your bearings, bushings and pivot cups. Always make sure that they're cleaned and well lubricated to keep that annoying squeaking away. For it, we recommend the use of Lithium grease. It can make quite a difference, so you can have a smooth and quiet ride. It's especially important if you're riding off-road a lot or in areas with a lot of dirt and on the roads. Another idea is to use a can of compressed air to clean-off board components to avoid dust to buildup. 

Quick note: Finding the board a bit slow? Check your tyre pressure, just like a car or a bike, make sure that the tires are pumped up and performance will be awesome.

If you want to dig deeper to electric skateboards maintenance, we have you covered with heaps of videos on the Evolve Skateboards Youtube Channel


riding an electric skateboard with group riders

Community is a huge part of the Evolve brand and group rides are an awesome way to meet new people. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you also get to see different boards, different configurations, share information and learn a whole bunch of new skills too.

If you haven't been on a group ride, you definitely should. Rides are happening all over the world all the time. And if you can't find one near you, try setting one up. On Facebook, you can find the group called Evolve Skateboards Owners, with more than 12k members,  and there you can find more info about group riders. Check it out!


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