Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard: How to Change Tyres and Belts

Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard: How to Change Tyres and Belts

Off-road electric skateboards add a whole new element to skating as you can ride them on grass, gravel, dirt tracks, BMX tracks, bumps, mounds and berms. Differently from street electric skateboards, there's no terrain where off-road e-skate can not conquer. 

While they are still pretty thought electric skateboards, as any electronic product, there are some things you should know about to keep your it running smoothly and performing its best. Regularly, we recommend taking a few minutes to spend some time on maintaining your electric skateboard. A title bit of TLC will make it feel as new. We prepared a step by step guide on how to change your tyres and tension the belts. 

Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard: How to Change All Terrain Tyres - Step by Step

1. Using a 1/8th Allen key, undo the bolts holding the hub together and split it into two halves.

maintaining your electric skateboard

2. Remove the tube from the old tire.

3. Insert the tube into the new tire and inflate slightly.

4. Place the tire, and inner tube over the bottom half of the hub, ensuring the valve aligns with the half-moon section. The valve should be facing outwards.

maintaining your electric skateboard

5. Double check that the tube is not overlapping onto the hub. Then, place the top half of the hub onto the tire, ensuring the valve aligns with the half-moon. Checking that the tube is not pinched between the 2 hub halves tighten all bolts.

6. Inflate the tube to a 40-45 PSI, and you are good to go

maintaining your electric skateboard

⚠️ It's also important to check if your tyres are in good condition. Check out the image below to compare it with what you have:

maintaining your electric skateboard


Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard: How to Tension Belts - Step by step

1. Sit your board on its side and remove the rear wheel nut using the Y-Tool. Remove the belt cover using the 1/8th Allen key, and then the rear wheel, belt and drive gear.

2. When the four motor bolts are exposed, use a 1/8th Allen key to loosen them slightly until you can slide the motor up and down the motor plate.

maintaining your electric skateboard

3. Reinstall the belt, drive gear and wheel, then pull the motor towards the rear of the board until the tension is not too tight & not too loose - 5mm of play on the belt when pinching is optimal for street, all terrain setups should be slightly tighter! For street, tighten two of the four motor bolts on either side of the cog. For all terrain, tighten the only motor bolt you can access. The motor bolts should be tightened to 'just past finger tight'.

maintaining your electric skateboard

4. Remove the wheel, drive gear and belt to access the remaining motor bolts, then tighten them as well.

maintaining your electric skateboard

5. Reinstall the belt, drive gear and wheel. Spin the wheel, then double check the belt tension. Reinstall the belt cover and wheel nut when you are happy with the tension. Repeat on the other side if necessary.

6. We recommend testing the board by speeding up and braking hard. If a belt slips, repeat the process again with a tighter tension.

maintaining your electric skateboard


Important note ⚠️ Evolve Skateboards are not responsible for mishandling or incorrect uninstallation or installation caused by the customer.  


If you need new parts, check out our electric skateboard parts Australia page.

If you follow these simple things, you will have a smooth, quiet and safe board for a long time to come. On Evolve Skateboards' Youtube Channel, there are heaps of videos about electric skateboard maintenance. Check them out 👇


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