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Carbon 2 in 1 Electric Specs

DECK:  The deck construction is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar.  It’s a unique design allowing our electrics to be incased within the deck.  It’s strong yet light.  Deck length: 43 inches/111 cm. Wheel base: 32.5 inches/82.5 cm

TRUCKS:  Polished Chrome Evolve Super Carve with quality bushes.  These trucks are unreal and can be tweaked according to ability – designed for those who love to carve.

WHEELS:  Arrives with MBS black hubs and roadie tyres.  Conversion kit includes choice of white Bustin Swift Freeride 77mm 78a, orange Loaded Orangutang Kegel 80mm 80a, purple Loaded Orangutang Kegel 80mm 83a OR Green ABEC 11 Flywheels 83mm 75a

WEIGHT:  All Terrain setup approx. 10.5kg/23lbs. When in Street setup approx. 8.5kg/18.7lbs

1 x MOTOR:  350 watt (700 watt max output) 5500RPM custom brushless motor

BEARINGS: Evolve Speed balls Abec 9's

SPEED:  All Terrain setup approx. 35km/hr or 23m/hr. When in Street setup approx. 38km/hr or 23m/hr.

MOTOR CONTROLLER:  Custom designed high current wireless Bluetooth motor controller, very smooth and quiet with stepless acceleration and braking.

NOISE: The board is very quiet.

REMOTE: An ergonomic hand held remote design with reverse function and battery indicator.

BATTERY/RANGE: Custom designed 36 volt 10ah lithium polymer battery with a range of up to 30km – this is riding mostly on harder surfaces with little speed changes – see range image. Carbon fiber and kevlar battery cover.  Recharge time is 4-5 hrs.  There is a fast charger available on the spare parts tab with recharge time of approx. 2.5 hrs, this must be purchased separately.

ACCELERATION: Stepless throttle for complete control over speed from slow to fast.

REGENERATIVE BRAKING:  ABS firm & smooth braking providing power back into the battery with maximum control over speed.

LOAD: Up to 100kgs

STREET KIT: 2 x struts, motor plate, Gates belt, belt cover, drive gear, ABEC 11 Flywheels

Please note before buying – please read the warranty policy for the carbon deck. 


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